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The registration form should be filled completely, and we will send you an email when we have received your form to give you information about the payment. After making the payment, you should fill the payment verification form to upload your receipt. If we have received your payment, we will send you another email to inform that your registration process is complete.

It is okay, but you should fill out the team leader’s email. All of the email and the communication will be sent through that email, so make sure the team leader’s email address that you filled out is active.

For all competition, each university can send a maximum of 3 (three) teams but only 2 (two) teams of each university will be the final participants. The selected teams will be confirmed via email on the finalist announcement day.

No, you only allowed to participate in one competition. If you registered yourself in two competitions, you will be disqualified in one other competition.

There are several possibilities:

    • The personal information that you filled and the scanned ID card might not match. You have to filled the form again with the matched personal information and the scanned ID card.
    • You are registering more than 3 (three) teams of the same university in the same competition.
    • The team leader’s email address might not registered. Try another email address.

It depends on the time you submitted the registration form, wether it is on the 1st registration batch or the 2nd registration batch.

No, you can’t. The payment must be made in full amount.

You can first check the spam folder in your email, if you still cannot find any email, please reach our contact person through email or phone.

You may have to behold up for the chosen delegate announcement. In case your chosen, it implies that you simply are formally enrolled as delegate of Petroweek 2020.

You should only register once through our website, please contact the PIC of each competition via email or phone for any further updates or revisions. You should not do any update or revisions through the website by yourself.

This is caused by several acts such as:

    • You are not paying the full amount of registration fee. 
    • The payment receipt captured photo / screenshot that you uploaded has a low quality. Then you only have to re-upload the picture of your payment receipt with better quality to Payment Receipt Upload url.
    • Make sure to reach our contact person, if it still doesn’t work.

You might reach Delegates Relation through:
Anggraita Nur Chasanah
Phone / WA Number: (+62)822 9911 4490
*Note: Please use a subject ‘QnA_competition’ so we will be able to notice your current enigma through email. 

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